S N Logsdon-Breakstone, visiting the Smithsonian Castle in the Summer of 2009 about about about (I’ll edit this later.)

About the Header and Title:

The image in the Header is actually a window from the Smithsonian Castle in Washington, DC. It is located in the back of the building, as you go out the back to the Gardens. I took  the picture in the summer of 2009, along with the image of me earlier on this page- in fact, they were taken from the same spot, but I pivoted to the left to take a picture of the window and door way rather than the mirror.

The title of this blog, “Tower Window View,” comes from the idea of the Lady of Shalott, as depicted by Tennyson in his poem, “The Lady of Shalott.” According to the poem, she gazes onto the outside world not directly, but through a mirror. The meaning for me is two fold. On one hand, my special Interest in Anthropology has allowed me to better understand and cope with the world (I am mildly Autistic). On the other, every time I have deviated from my mode of adaptation, I have had an emotionally destructive period. These periods to me are like unto the Lady of Shalott’s destruction when she does look onto the world directly.


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